25.2% cell efficiency


UV-Proof & Antislip

5 Year Warranty*

3M Mounting

Shadow Optimized

The SUNBEAMsystem Tough++ 126W Flush with its incredible 25.2% efficiency is simply the best solar panel available. Put it in relation, it will often produce twice as much per area as the most common solar panels you find on a house roof.
Tough++ is the state-of-the-art marine solar panel, the newest and most powerful technology currently available.

Built with the best materials to ensure it is resilient in the most demanding circumstances. The 5-year warranty* is totally unique when it comes to a flat and lightweight solar panel.
Attach Tough++ with the included 3M VHB or a flexible glue, the anti-skid surface, and invisible Flush features will result in a seamless integration on any deck or roof.
*Terms Apply

Inside the Tough solar panel 

The name “Tough” in our solar panels represents their exceptional durability and longevity, as well as their enhanced energy output, thanks to the numerous innovative components that make up the panel. 

A - Enhanced Outer Protection Layer

Featuring exceptional UV-durability, surpassing the MAXA range and other high-end industry standard panels. 

B - Premium SUNPOWER® Cells

• SUNPOWER cells provide the foundation for exceptional performance, but by selecting even higher-grade cells than the standard SUNPOWER cells, we consistently achieve top results in independent tests. The difference in refinement levels among these cells is quite significant. While the cells used in MAXA and other high-end industry standard solar panels with standard SUNPOWER cells are good enough, upgrading to higher-grade cells offers improvements in each step up in the product range. 

• See the comparison table down the page.

C - Internal Electrical Circuits

Engineered for exceptional durability and high outputs, our solar panels feature backup pathways and heavy-duty cabling designed to withstand power surges and temperature fluctuations. This unique design is not found in other solar panels on the market. 

D - Shock Absorbing Layer

• Combines a soft top layer with a rigid bottom, effectively dampening shocks from above. Proper installation can even absorb the energy from a hammer dropped from a height. 

E - Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Stiffener Layer

 Our superior stiffening method surpasses competitor standards:

• Addresses solar curve & attachment-induced material fatigue
• Prevents heat-related reshaping, zigzagging, & associated microfractures
• Improves adaptability to surface irregularities
• Offers extra protection during installation

5th Generation Junction for Superior Flush Results

F - Silicone Protection

The result of a decade of pioneering, our protected design offers two cable routing options: outside the panel or through the hull. 

The Junction provides these advantages: 

  • Boosts output by up to 6% through its layout and direct solar cell string connection.
  • Improves aesthetics upon attachment (utilize the included 3M base sticker).
  • Eliminates intrusion and pressure on the solar panel.
  • Prevents breaking forces when walking on it.
  • Tackles heat-induced reshaping and zigzagging.

G - Flat Flush Cable

Our unique, in-house developed cable provides these advantages: 

  • Versatile: Run along a surface or double fold and treat like a standard cable.
  • UV-protected and pre-tinned for ultimate longevity in marine environments.
  • Despite its slim appearance, the cable features a thick, low-loss core.

With each product level elevation, four improvement aspects of solar cells are augmented:


– Longevity – Improved durability in various challenging conditions, especially in partially shaded environments, leading to a longer lifespan.

– Shadow optimized boost – High-end cells reduce heat and power loss during partial shading, further enhancing the unique Shadow Optimizing™ technology, providing an even higher power boost.

– Efficiency – The higher the efficiency, the greater your output on the same surface area under all conditions.

– Aesthetics – Deep Black, Even Colored Cells on the High-Performance Solar Cells.


Quality and Warranty

SUNBEAMsystem combines the best technology, with the best solar cells and special materials. In order to create the best Series of solar panels that will last in Tough environments. As a result, a very attractive range of solar panels with an incredible 5-year warranty*.
*Terms Apply

Shadow Optimized

The Shadow Optimized technology from SUNBEAMsystem is unique. Thanks to the internal division of the panel it will produce more than a panel without the same. This technology improves the output when is partially shaded, allowing for an even higher daily production.


Why SUNBEAMsystem is unique

SUNBEAMsystem produces specialized solar panel models. With unique design and functionality for the user with high demands. For this reason, the Tough Solar Panels are multiple tests winner. Are you curious?



Mark Slats and Kai Wiedmer set off from San Sebastián de La Gomera of the Canary Islands on December 12 with a two-man world record in mind. After 32 days, 22 hours, and 13 minutes they had arrived at Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, more than 3,000 miles later, having rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. Such is the purpose of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Their boat ‘Maria’ is equipped with the best Tough ++ Solar Panels and lightest lithium batteries, ensuring power during all 5000 long km’s of rowing.


TOUGH++ 126w

  • SUNPOWER CELL: 25.2%
  • FIXING: 3M Adhesive Included
  • CABLE: Flush Flat Cable 2M Long
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years*
  • SIZE: 106x54cm
  • WEIGH: 2.5kg