Tough+ Black Series

Black Design Panel

2021 Edition Flush Cable

UV-Proof & Antislip

3M Mounting

5 Year Warranty

High-Efficiency Cells

Tough+ Black Series is the designer solution for high-end yachts. Developed to cover atypical deck surfaces with an uninterrupted layer of black solar panels. Featuring no eyelets and fitted with SunpowerTM cells with an insane 24.4% efficiency.

The Shadow Optimized Technology

The SUNBEAMsystem Shadow Optimized technology is unique. Thanks to the internal division of the panel it will produce more than a panel without the same. This technology improves the output when a panel is partially shaded, allowing for an even higher daily production.

Quality and Warranty

SUNBEAMsystem combines the best technology, with the best solar cells and special materials. In order to create the best Series of solar panels that will last in Tough environments. As a result, a very attractive range of solar panels with an incredible 5-year warranty. SUNBEAMsystem’s 5-year warranty is unique when it comes to flat and lightweight solar panels.

The revolutionary Tough surface

The Tough Surface from SUNBEAMsystem is made of extremely durable materials, that transmits more light than normal glass and is fitted with an anti-slip profile. Due to this profile, the solar cells catch more light in low sun angles, resulting in higher daily productions.

The Tough+ Black Solar Panels Series features this amazing surface, but in an elegant all-black look. Another key point is its high UV-resistant capability, ensuring that this solar panel really will last long years in your boat or motorhome.

We must emphasize that the Tough surface´s high resistance and durability, make SUNBEAMsystem able to offer a 5-year Warranty on its thin lightweight solar panels, including the Tough Black Series.

The Invisible Flat Flush Cable

Tough+ Black solar panels series features the amazing SUNBEAMsystem flat flush cable. With the sleekest footprint on the market and the best support when walking on top of the panel. The latest iteration of the flushed solar panel is a unique design by the market leader in the field.  Allowing for a seamless installation of many solar panels together. With NO exposed wiring or junction boxes.
The incredibly flat connection and only a 1.4mm thick cable do not look like much to the outside world. Despite the looks, the cable carries 2×2.1mm2 pre-tinned copper for the lowest possible resistance.


full deck integration

Before The Gap Filler

The Tough Black solar panels are installed but have gaps and uneven spaces between them.

With Tough Black Gap Filler

The result is a custom-sized solar panel in one piece. Seamlessly integrated with the yacht in a unique black design.

The Tough Black Hole is a Gap Filler complement for the Tough+ Black solar panels series. In order to achieve the most seamless solar panel installation. By allowing the user to fill any space or difference between solar panels. As a result, it creates a complete all-black surface. The perfect integration of your black solar panels into your yacht or motorhome.

At SUNBEAMsystem we know that when it comes to aesthetics, every little detail counts. And that’s what makes the Tough+ Black Solar Panels Series so special. Because it can get the user a solar panel installation with elegancy and perfection.

It is available in 106x54cm sheets and is simply cut by you into custom shapes.



SUNBEAMsystem provided high-performance solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries. Lightweight yet robust panels attached to the exterior of the habitat, the perfect solution for the extreme climate of the Arctic. SMART LITHIUM batteries provided safe and efficient energy storage. These components are crucial for an off-grid mission like LUNARK. Independent tests put the solar cells at the top regarding real-world yield.

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  • SUNPOWER CELL: 24.4%
  • FIXING: 3M Adhesive Included
  • CABLE: Flush Flat Cable 2M Long
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years
  • SIZE: 106×54cm
  • WEIGH: 2.5kg


  • SUNPOWER CELL: 24.4%
  • FIXING: 3M Adhesive Included
  • CABLE: Flush Flat Cable 2M Long
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years
  • SIZE: 77.8x54cm
  • WEIGH: 1.9kg


  • SUNPOWER CELL: 24.4%
  • FIXING: 3M Adhesive Included
  • CABLE: Flush Flat Cable 2M Long
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years
  • SIZE: 85×27.7cm
  • WEIGH: 0.8kg