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Spectrum Solar Team

By September 14, 2019April 29th, 2020No Comments

Driven by positivity and enthusiasm the Spectrum Solar Team have built their solar boat

How did it begin?

Five Dutch motivated technicians founded the Spectrum Solar Team after they had success at the solar boat races in 2016.
They aim to promote sustainable energy by building a solar boat. Driven by positivity and enthusiasm, they have built their solar boat in recent years.

During the 2019 races of, among others, Solar Sport One for the World Cup classification, Spectrum Solar Team managed to win second prize several times. In the coming period, they keep working on improvements to the boat to rise to the first place in the World Cup classification!

Powered by twelve SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ 113W Flush panels, custom made to save as much weight as possible. The result?

The Spectrum Solar Team boat has such a seamless solar panel installation. This is due to our amazing Flush Flat Cable. That allows the user to mount many solar panels together with invisible wiring. The twelve panels, more than 6m2 of surface, only weigh 14.4kg in total!

Check out the pictures and be amazed by this installation.

You can also check their website and be aware of their news.