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SUNBEAMsystem is a market leader in high-performance solar panels for the most demanding circumstances. Most popular applications include the professional marine yachting industry and extreme off-grid environments, ranging from both arctic to tropical climates.

Tough has become even Tougher

All our models have been structurally improved with stronger and more sturdy cell protection.

The amazing


The Tough Surface from SUNBEAMsystem is made of extremely durable materials, transmits more light than normal glass en is fitted with an anti-slip profile. Due to this profile, the solar cells catch more light at low sun angles, resulting in higher daily production.
Due to its durability, SUNBEAMsystem is one of the only manufacturers that can offer 5 years warranty* when it comes to thin lightweight solar panels. The unique Swedish design, combined with high quality and finish, is the basis for a series of extremely durable solar panels.
*The models Maxa and Nordic do not feature the Tough Surface
*5 Years Warranty – Terms Apply

Marine Solar Panels

The Invisible


The Flush Cable allows for a professional installation, without visible wiring. The result? A completely flat and integrated surface, without protruding Junction Box and without visible cables.
On all the SUNBEAMsystem Flush models the flat power cables are attached to the backside of the panel, allowing the cable to be led away, or connected, underneath the panel. The newest iteration of the invisible flat flush cable features a reinforced cable integration to ensure a perfect result.
The Flush cable is only 1.4mm thin but features an impressive 2 x 2.1mm2
inner core. It’s fitted with UV-resistant housing and a fully pre-tinned copper core to ensure the longest possible longevity.

The best


SUNBEAMsystem uses the best solar cells in the world: SunpowerTM Maxeon. These cells are on average 1,5 to 2 times as efficient as the cells used in standard glass panels and guarantee that solar panels from SUNBEAMsystem put out the highest production per m².
The record-holding SunpowerTM solar cells guarantee the highest possible production per square meter, a minimal efficiency loss, and improved performance in low light intensity. Our solar panels are very small in size due to the incredible high efficiency of these unique solar cells (25.1% in the Tough++ model).

Marine Solar Panels

The Unique

Shadow Optimized technology

In models featuring the Shadow Optimized label, the solar cells are internally divided into multiple groups, connected in parallel, allowing them to function independently from each other.
Because of this, a single solar panel with Shadow Optimized technology is essentially build up from two separate internal solar panels. This means that when one part of the solar panel catches less light or is shaded, the other part can continue to generate electricity at full power.

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Please, check our F.A.Q. section placed on the right. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please visit our extended F.A.Q. page.

About Our Solar Panels

What is the recommended fitting method?

Choose the correct model for the intended use.

  • Foldable solar panels for temporary use.
  • Carbon & QuickFix for Canvas use.
  • Flush models for permanent fitting on a hard & even surface.

Wrongful use might render damages to the solar panel.

Read our fitting instructions.

How do I choose the best panel for me?

SUNBEAMsystem has a model for every need (except for the very cheap solar panels). Every price segment has higher quality and more innovative features compared to the others.
The best tip we can offer is to compare our models as you would when comparing them with competitors.

  • Build Quality \ Component Quality \ Expected lifetime \ Warranty
  • Efficiency \ Watt per surface
  • Output in partial shadowing situations
  • Usability \ How to integrate \ How to fit

Hopefully, this will help you in finding the most suitable model for you.

Should I connect multiple solar panels in parallel or serial?

For the best possible output, we do recommend connecting several solar panels in parallel. The connection in parallel will also safeguard the best possible life expectancy of the solar panels.

On a surface, with often recurring shadowing it is smart to be able to spread out the solar panels. Hence several solar panels spread out are most often much better than a big one.

For a very big surface, group similar panels and have one solar charge controller per group.

Another tip is to choose a charge controller that works well with solar panels in parallel. A solar charge controller that allows the true potential of the solar panels when connected in parallel. Read more about it in our extended F.A.Q.

I have constant energy deficit - I need a solar panel! Is it a D.I.Y. project?

The nice thing with a Yacht or motorhome is that it already has a battery and the power “infrastructure” in place. You only need to hook up the solar panels via a charge controller.

We do have the market’s best batteries. But you will usually solve a lot of energy issues simply by adding solar panels.

In general, it is very easy to install a solar panel. What might be somewhat complicated is to find the way where to route the cable. If that seems too overwhelming, then consider a temporary solution. One mobile solution is to use our Tough Fold + Mini-R Charge Controller.

If you are not sure where to start, don’t worry, check our extended F.A.Q. page.