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Nomad’s Trails – The world by bicycle

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Nomad's Trails

Have you ever thought about traveling on a bicycle?
Meet Matilda & Peyman, a couple traveling the world!

Matilda & Peyman are an adventurous couple that met a few years before the trip started. After living in a car and a minivan for almost 2 years, saving money, and buying gear for the trip. They finally hit the road in 2018 from Helsinki, Finland to Turku where they took the boat to Stockholm, Sweden.

After crossing the whole Europe from Finland to South Spain, they had to make the final decision on where to pedal next: Africa or Asia? Actually, they let their fans and followers decide for them. And the decision was: headed to Africa!

If not for the Pandemic that closed borders all around the world, they would be cycling through East Africa, and follow their initial route. But as 20/21 became too uncertain, they had to change their plans.

So they set out for another exciting adventure! Cycling north to the Arctic! Across Finland during the coldest time of the year. Cycling through tough snow and the most extreme climates in the world.

Their Route


Matilda & Peyman started their adventure using Tough 21w.

What about their gear? How to get energy while cycling around the world?

Well, in order to travel around the world by bicycle, they would need some energy, right? Yes! They are posting their adventure on social media, editing videos, and sharing pictures. So their fans and followers can keep track of them, and they can get some support for the trip. As Peyman explains in the video below, to travel like that, they need sustainable energy sources, like solar panels and dynamo hubs. They need to charge the cameras, the computer, the bike lights, cellphones, and more!

So when traveling through Europe they’ve got a pair of Tough 21w Solar Panels. They adapt the panels to their need as they were traveling. After Europe, the panels were actually even more useful in Africa; in the Sahara desert for example where there isn’t grid electricity everywhere. And their experience using our panels was so good, and now they are using our Fold Series. This series is made to be portable and now fits their needs in a much better way.

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