May 2024

[Stockholm, May 17th] – Most of our products can be controlled and provide information via Bluetooth and the Multi Connect app. The app is smarter than others because you can manage multiple boats and motorhomes and choose which one you want to work with. At the same time, batteries and solar panels can be grouped and share information. Thanks to the latest update (as always, at no extra cost), you can now also control and receive the same information via the internet. We call this Mobile Smart Home. No major additional purchases are necessary; you can use an old tablet and mount it on the wall or the dashboard. Connect the tablet to the internet (a SIM card is preferred) and enable the function in the app. You and your family can then view and control all the information you normally get on your phone, even remotely. A personal login for viewing statistics will also be available soon.

Benefits of Mobile Smart Home:

– Available through a free software update.
– Modern control center on the wall.
– The whole family receives information directly to their mobile phones, both locally and via the internet.
– Personal login to the statistics page on the web.

We are now launching two products in our Mobile Smart Home series.

– A universal mount that fits most tablets.
– A motion sensor that turns off the screen when no one is nearby.

1. Magnet Wall Mount

An almost invisible wall mount with a magnet. Used together with the SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect app. The result is a wall-integrated control center that is not only super practical but also gives a modern feel.

– Universal magnetic mount: Easily attach your tablet to the wall with pre-cut 3M tape.
– Robust Mag-Mount system: Designed to resist movement, ensuring your tablet stays in place in all conditions. The tablet can be easily detached for maintenance.
– Recessed USB-C cable: A USB-C cable designed for modern tablets. It runs through a hole behind the mount or along the wall if needed.
– Universal fit: Suitable for all tablet sizes; the mounts can be adjusted to not obstruct tablet functions such as volume buttons. The charging port can be adapted to any side of the tablet.

2. Smart Screen Power Saver

Uses a motion sensor with PIR technology to accurately detect human presence, ensuring your screen only turns on when needed. It integrates seamlessly with your central screen. The experience is an always-on instrument while significantly reducing energy consumption. With the screen off, the power consumption of most tablets drops to only 0.3-0.5 watts, comparable to standard instrument panels.


May 2024

[Stockholm, May 16th] – Lithium batteries are no longer just for early adopters; most people would prefer them if they could afford them. Due to popular demand, SUNBEAMsystem is now launching an affordable battery. To achieve this, we use the very common prismatic cells. Prismatic cells have become somewhat of an industry standard, with a reasonable price and performance that is “good enough.” This is, of course, a step down from the batteries with cylindrical cells in steel casings that SUNBEAMsystem traditionally builds, but many are looking for something more budget-friendly. SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium Prismatic has also inherited the gentleness towards the generator from its big brother Plug&Play series, as well as real-time monitoring both locally and via the internet.

Choice of Battery Cells: Cylindrical, Prismatic, and “Pouch” Cells

– Cylindrical Cells: A battery with cylindrical cells offers the best possible performance, long lifespan, and complete safety. SUNBEAMsystem also bolts the cylindrical cells into a stainless steel casing, providing an incredibly safe and future-proof construction. 

– Prismatic Cells: Prismatic cells experience more wear during use and swell when misused. The rectangular shape makes battery packs more compact, but heat dissipation becomes a problem. With normal or careful use where the battery is not subjected to too much vibration and has a relatively low charge and discharge rate, prismatic cells are an economical alternative. 

– “Pouch” Cells: These cells are the cheapest option, but few manufacturers of batteries for boats and motorhomes choose these. The active parts of a cell are wrapped in an aluminum pouch, making them both lightweight and compact. However, they are less suitable for boats as they swell by at least 10% after 500 charges, and a puncture can lead to disaster. Cooling is a challenge, and worn cells can suffer from “hot spots.” 


  • This affordable battery uses prismatic cells, but we have not cut corners on anything else. The battery’s internal structure is of the highest SUNBEAMsystem standard, with components that exceed industry standards: sensor cables, high-current cables, connections, cell mountings, and our very special BMS inherited from our Plug&Play batteries. 


    As a SUNBEAMsystem battery, you also get access to real-time monitoring and control both locally (Bluetooth) and via the internet (requires a tablet as a central screen). 


May 2024

[Stockholm, May 16th] – SUNBEAMsystem launches the latest innovation in solar energy solutions, Solar USB Charger. This 20W USB-C PD charger is designed for efficient charging of tablets and can handle the average power consumption of laptops. Although laptops sometimes require up to 60W, this charger is sufficient for typical outdoor office tasks. For best results, especially under less ideal conditions such as cloudy weather, it is recommended to use it with a solar panel of at least 40W.

Efficient and Stable Charging 

The Solar USB Charger is designed to handle variations in solar intensity smoothly, ensuring consistent charging without interruptions. Unlike less sophisticated chargers that can get stuck in a non-charging or slow charging state after temporary changes in solar power, this charger maintains efficient performance without needing a manual reset or reconnection for fast charging. This feature is crucial for hassle-free and reliable use.

Compatible with SUNBEAMsystem Solar Panels

SUNBEAMsystem Solar USB Charger is fully compatible with SUNBEAMsystem solar panels. The Fold series are lightweight, compact, and durable solar panels with versatile functionality by being connectable to either the Mini-MPPT, USB charger, or Moonray charge controllers, allowing for multipurpose use.


  • Safety Features: Built-in protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. 

  • Easy Installation and Use: Simply connect it to a compatible solar panel with an output of 14-24 Vmp. 

  • Portable and Miniaturized Design: Compact and lightweight, ideal for outdoor activities and travel. 

  • Universal Compatibility: Works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, ensuring compatibility with major brands. 

  • High-Speed Charging: Supports USB QC 3.0 and USB-C PD for fast charging, reducing charging time. 

  • Adaptive Charging Technology: Adjusts the charging rate based on sunlight conditions, maintaining optimal performance in low light. 


  1. Connect the included cable to a solar panel.
    We recommend SUNBEAMsystem Fold solar panels. 
  1. Align the solar panel towards the sun, press the on/off button, and check the display for a voltage near or above 20 volts (for SUNBEAMsystem Fold). 

  1. Connect your USB device and enjoy.

Protect against rain by keeping the charger and phone/tablet in a dry area. The product offers mild water and dust protection only when the protection lid is securely in place. 


May 2024

[Stockholm, May 16th]


– MPPT Optimization: Increases charging efficiency by 30-35%, up to 50% in some scenarios. 

– Compatibility: Supports various battery types, including lead-acid and LiFePO4. 

– User Interface: Informative display with critical data and a multifunction control button. 

– Safety: Equipped with protection against reverse polarity, overtemperature, and overcharging. 

– Durability: IP45-rated for splash and dust resistance. 

– Energy Efficient: Low self-consumption of only 0.009A. 


MINI-MPPT offers advanced technology, versatility, and user-friendly features in a durable, compact format. It pairs perfectly with Fold solar panels, which are lightweight, compact, and durable. The Fold series can be connected to MINI-MPPT, USB chargers, or Moonray charge controllers for versatile use. 


The mini-MPPT is part of a family of products that enhances the Fold panels, which themselves are unique with their ultra-compact and waterproof construction. New this year, the Fold panels come with an innovative Glassfiber Sandwich Composite, making them more lightweight and improving the protection of the solar cells. 


Moonray or Other Controller 

  – Connect additional Fold panels with pre-made, low-loss extension cables. 

  – Add another charge controller for optimal performance. 


Mini-MPPT (New!)

  – Portable solution with MPPT support for connecting Fold panels to a battery. 


Smart Power Station

  – Direct connection for charging devices on the go. Cobalt-free for environmental commitment. 


USB Charger (New!)

  – Compact, lightweight solution for direct connection to solar panels. Powerful USB ports for laptops and other electronics. 


USB Low-Loss Extension Cables

  – Extra thick and with tinned copper for the best performance. With waterproof MC4 connectors that are uniquely easy to handle. Available in three ready-made lengths. 


Although MINI-MPPT can be permanently connected and will perform excellently, it is primarily designed for portability. For permanent installations, we highly recommend the high-performance Moonray charge controller. 


MINI-MPPT is equipped with an informative display that shows battery voltage, charging current, device temperature, and error codes. The display also shows the selected battery type and charging status. A multifunction button provides easy control over settings and information display. 

 SUNBEAMsystem continues to set the standard for innovative solar energy solutions, and MINI-MPPT is no exception. For more information, visit our website or contact our customer service.


May 2024

[Stockholm, May 16th] – The new glassfiber sandwich composite in our Fold panels significantly reduces weight while increasing stiffness, ensuring optimal protection for the solar cells. This high-tech material, commonly used in race yachts, offers superior strength and lightweight properties. The result is a stiffer, safer panel that is 15% lighter. 


  • Waterproof Design: Making it unique among portable solar panels. 

  • Compact and Powerful: Delivers exceptional wattage in a size comparable to a laptop when folded. 

  • Durable Construction: Fully laminated with soft corners to prevent water and dust damage. 

  • Convenient Mounting: 9mm eyelets for easy temporary mounting and 15 cm cables with waterproof MC4 connectors. 

  • Lightweight and Streamlined: Rubberized hinges enhance waterproofing and minimize weight. 


  1. Enhanced Outer Protection Layer: Unmatched UV resistance and transparency. 

  1. Premium Sunpower Cells: Superior efficiency, lifespan, and aesthetics. 

  1. Advanced Conduits & Durability Core: Robust internal conduits ensure lasting performance. 

  1. Sandwich Glassfiber Composite Stiffener Layer: Lightweight, high-tech core that protects without adding weight. 

  1. Cloth-Integrated Backside: Fully waterproof and easy to handle.


SUNBEAMsystem’s shadow optimization technology enhances performance in partially shaded conditions. Clever cell division and interconnection improve output, even with shadows.


Apr 2024

[Stockholm, Apr 11th] – SUNBEAMsystem’s Stainless Power Matrix 

  • Bolting of cells to a stainless steelframe ensures robustness and optimal heat dissipation, setting new standards in battery construction. 
  • Cylindrical cells for superior heat resistance, mechanical stability, and lifespan. 
  • Larger 3270 cells, High tech larger cell sizes akin to industry trends set by automakers like Tesla and Rivian. 
  • Innovative tab-less design avoids fragile soldering, reducing failure risk and enhancing electrical efficiency under stress. 

Today SUNBEAMsystem is revealing the innovative construction method behind its acclaimed Plug & Play battery series: the Stainless Power Matrix. Despite already existing in our batteries since 4 years this pioneering technique represents a significant departure from conventional battery manufacturing, promising superior performance and unmatched durability.

The Stainless Power Matrix is a testament to SUNBEAMsystem’s commitment to quality and excellence. By eschewing common cost-cutting methods like soldering, laser welding, and the use of prismatic cells in favor of a more robust and efficient design, SUNBEAMsystem sets a new standard in battery technology. The company employs cylindrical cells, notably the larger and more capable 3270 cells, to ensure better heat management, mechanical stability, and longer life.


Key to the Stainless Power Matrix’s success is its unique assembly process. Unlike traditional batteries, SUNBEAMsystem’s Plug & Play series features tab-less cylindrical cells that are not soldered but are bolted directly to a stainless steel frame. This method not only enhances the battery’s structural integrity but also improves electrical conduction and heat dissipation, significantly reducing the risk of failure under stress.


SUNBEAMsystem’s choice of materials and construction techniques contrasts sharply with the industry norm of relying on plastic supports, offering a product that is not only more reliable but also performs better over time. The use of bolted 3270 cells in a stainless steel structure ensures that the battery retains its shape, efficiency, and effectiveness under various conditions, marking a major leap forward in battery technology.

By prioritizing long-term quality and performance, SUNBEAMsystem has positioned its Plug & Play battery series at the forefront of the industry, mirroring the shift observed in leading car manufacturers like Tesla and Rivian towards larger cell formats. This commitment to innovation and excellence is what makes the Stainless Power Matrix a game-changer in the world of energy storage.

SUNBEAMsystem Unveils Advanced Slim Junction with Microprocessor Technology for Enhanced Solar Performance

Mar 2024

[Stockholm, March 26th] – Leading the way in solar innovation, SUNBEAMsystem is excited to announce the launch of its upgraded Slim Junction box, now equipped with the cutting-edge Shadow Optimized – IQ microprocessor technology. This significant advancement is set to revolutionize the solar energy industry, especially tailored for environments where efficiency and discretion are paramount.

Introducing the Slim Junction with Microprocessor Technology

At the core of this innovation is the Slim Junction Box, which now features elegant and discreet cable management paired with waterproof MC4 connectors. Enhanced by an integrated microprocessor, the newly dubbed Shadow Optimized – IQ system offers a versatile solution to traditional solar setups. Unlike systems that rely on fragile and inefficient diodes, this enhanced junction box supports both parallel and serial configurations, minimizing common issues of power loss and lifespan reduction, especially in serial connections.

Optimized Performance for Various Environments

The Shadow Optimized – IQ system is specifically designed to improve performance and durability. Whether your setup requires a serial connection for a specialized charge controller or a parallel configuration to maximize long-term energy production, particularly on boats, this system ensures enhanced efficiency. In frequently shadowed environments, such as marine settings, a parallel configuration is recommended to optimize energy output, with the Boost charge controller facilitating this process. 

First Launch on Tough+ Carbon Series

This microprocessor technology makes its debut on the Tough+ Carbon series, the premier solution for integrating solar power generation into soft canvas tops like sprayhoods and biminis. The 2023 design upgrade features an internal sandwich construction of carbon fiber, maintaining rigidity while keeping weight minimal, critical for fabric integrity. 

The 5-Dimensional Solar Panel

SUNBEAMsystem’s Carbon series epitomizes durability and longevity for solar panels on soft canvas tops. The unique five-dimensional approach includes reinforced protection, premium Sunpower cells, advanced internal wiring, shock-absorbing materials, and carbon fiber composite, offering a robust yet lightweight solution. 

Ongoing Excellence and Independent Validation

SUNBEAMsystem’s commitment to quality and performance is underscored by the continuous accolades received by the Tough series in real-world testing. These panels, characterized by minimal efficiency loss at high temperatures and superior design for easy installation, set the benchmark in solar technology. 

Partnership with Sunpower for Unmatched Quality

Our collaboration with Sunpower ensures access to the highest quality solar cells, enhancing the Tough series’ performance, particularly in terms of lifetime, efficiency, and aesthetics. 

 SUNBEAMsystem’s integration of advanced microprocessor technology in the Slim Junction box represents a milestone in solar panel innovation, providing a versatile, efficient, and durable solution for energy generation in challenging conditions. 

 For more information about the Shadow Optimized – IQ technology and the Tough+ Carbon series, please visit [SUNBEAMsystem’s website]. 

SUNBEAMsystem, the Swedish Solar Pioneer, Launches Innovative Tough-Series Solar Panels

Mar 2024

[Stockholm, March 25, 2024] – SUNBEAMsystem, a leading Swedish innovator in solar technology, is proud to unveil the Tough Black solar panel, the newest and most advanced addition to its award-winning product line. For over a decade, SUNBEAMsystem has been at the forefront of the solar industry, driving innovation with products meticulously designed for the rigorous demands of the maritime environment. Today’s launch further cements this legacy, introducing cutting-edge enhancements to the esteemed Tough series.

SUNBEAMsystem introduces two major features to its acclaimed Tough solar panel series, enhancing it with five distinct, synergistic benefits that collectively create what is known as SUNBEAMsystem’s five-dimensional solution. The first major enhancement involves advanced conduits within the core, meticulously engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, thereby boosting the panel’s robustness and significantly extending its lifespan. 

The second groundbreaking feature is the introduction of a novel sandwich composite technology. This innovation imparts metal-like durability to the solar panels, circumventing the common delamination risks encountered when merging metal with plastic, thus ensuring an unparalleled structural integrity.

Additionally, SUNBEAMsystem is proud to announce the 6th generation of its renowned Flushed Soft Junction. A decade of continuous innovation has culminated in this design, which offers a seamless and cable-free installation. This unique feature not only enhances the panel’s aesthetic appeal but also improves its energy yield by up to 6%, while preventing potential damage caused by foot traffic.

The Tough series, along with the advanced “plus” models, have garnered multiple awards, a testament to their superior performance confirmed through rigorous independent testing. These panels not only exhibit remarkable efficiency but also maintain significantly lower power loss at elevated temperatures. Their optimal performance, even under partial shading, is largely attributable to SUNBEAMsystem’s proprietary Shadow Optimized technology. 

Through its strategic partnership with Sunpower, SUNBEAMsystem gains exclusive access to premium solar cells that excel in longevity, efficiency, and visual appeal, ensuring that the Tough panels stand out for their exceptional real-world performance. 

The Tough Black Hole system, another patented innovation from SUNBEAMsystem, represents a versatile solution for maximizing solar power output in areas with unconventional shapes, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing innovative and practical solar energy solutions. 

SUNBEAMsystem’s confidence in the quality and durability of its Tough panels is underscored by an impressive five-year warranty. Additionally, customers can enjoy comprehensive support and system monitoring via the Multi Connect app, which offers convenient features for remote control and online energy statistics, facilitating optimal system performance. 

For additional information about SUNBEAMsystem and the revolutionary Tough Black solar panel, please visit [SUNBEAMsystem’s website]. 

SUNBEAMsystem Tough + Black on the SAIL Magazine

Jul 2023

Do not miss the article Facing Future considering several aspects of sustainability and yacht building. It features Baltic yachts and their 68-foot Café Racer equipped with SUNBEAMsystem Tough+Black solar panels. Sail writes that Anders Kurtén (Baltic Yachts CEO) considered the very high energy consumption with the need for “more solar panels than the yacht can reasonably fit”. The very core to the choice of the high-producing Tough+Black panels is simply that they offer the highest output in the market while still integrating naturally into the exquisite yacht design.

SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium Plug & Play

Jul 2023


The Latest Addition to the 3rd Generation Smart Lithium Plug & Play Series

Our latest product update, the 120Ah Smart Lithium Plug & Play “ONE” Battery, marks an evolution in our 3rd Generation Plug & Play series, boasting enhanced capacity density and performance. As a part of the Smart Mobile Home ecosystem, which means it is always connected, a “smart home” solution for leisure boats and recreational vehicles (RVs).


The new Plug & Play ONE Battery features a capacity of 120Ah for a 12V system, representing a 20% increase in energy density compared to its predecessor – all within the same casing. Its impressive specifications make it unique and the ultimate solution for individuals requiring a single, high-performance battery.


The Plug & Play series continues to be unparalleled in offering a hassle-free transition from traditional batteries. The advanced electronics enable users to effortlessly replace outdated batteries with the new Plug & Play “ONE”. Furthermore, in terms of safety, it is second to none. In 2023, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more secure energy storage solution for your boat.


The Smart Lithium battery incorporates three distinct safety features:

1. Inert Chemistry: The battery’s chemistry is inert, ensuring that it is immune to hazardous reactions common in other types of lithium-based batteries. It remains safe even under extreme conditions such as punctures, crushing, or exposure to fire.

2. Secure Cell Casing: The metal cell casings on each cell has been engineered to withstand sudden temperature increases. Its built-in security valves will release pressure in the event of overheating, effectively neutralizing any potential safety risks.

3. Computer-guided Control System: The advanced control system provides a wide range of protection, constantly monitoring the battery’s state and keeping it out of harm’s way.


The Plug & Play “ONE” employs advanced bolted cylindrical cells, eliminating the need for tabs, welding, or soldering which can cause resistance or loosening over time. This bolting technique ensures robustness and reliability for heavy-duty use, without compromising battery life or performance. Although cylindrical cells occupy slightly more volume than prismatic cells, they are essential in achieving both high performance and longevity. We take pride in our advanced cells, exemplified by the successful transition to our 3270 (tab-less) cells, while others in parallel industries are struggling in their transition from 2170 cells into the newer tab-less 4680.


The Smart Lithium batteries are integrated into our Smart Mobile Home ecosystem, which offers continuous free upgrades.

Additionally, you can enhance your control panel by simply installing a tablet on the wall and downloading our complimentary app, SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect.

For additional information, please contact: | Free use images if published unchanged.

SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium Plug & Play

Jul 2023


Det Senaste Tillskottet till den 3:e Generationens Smart Lithium Plug & Play-serie

Vår senaste produktuppdatering finns nu ute i butikerna, Smart Lithium Plug & Play “ONE” Batteri med 120Ah kapacitet. Detta markerar en evolution i 3:e generationens Plug & Play-serie och erbjuder förbättrad kapacitetstäthet och prestanda. Som en del av Smart Mobile Home-ekosystemet, alltid uppkopplad i en “smart home”-lösning för fritidsbåtar och husbilar.


Det nya Plug & Play “ONE”-batteriet har en kapacitet på 120Ah för ett 12V-system, vilket representerar en 20% ökning i energitäthet jämfört med dess föregångare, allt inom samma hölje. Dess anmärkningsvärda specifikationer gör det inte bara unikt utan också det ultimata valet för de som behöver ett enda högpresterande batteri.


Plug & Play-serien fortsätter att vara oöverträffad när det gäller att erbjuda en problemfri övergång från traditionella batterier. Avancerad elektronik gör att användare enkelt kan byta ut sina föråldrade batterier mot det nya Plug & Play “ONE”. Dessutom är det oslagbart när det gäller säkerhet. År 2023 är det svårt att hitta ett säkrare energilagringsalternativ för din båt.


Smart Lithium-batteriet innehåller tre distinkta säkerhetsfunktioner:

1. Inert kemi: Batteriets kemi är inert, vilket innebär att det är skyddat mot farliga reaktioner som är vanliga i andra typer av litiumbaserade batterier. Det förblir säkert även under extrema händelser som punktering, krossning eller exponering för eld.

2. Säkert cellhölje: Cellhöljet i metall är konstruerat för att tåla plötsliga temperaturökningar. Dess inbyggda säkerhetsventiler släpper ut tryck vid överhettning och neutraliserar effektivt eventuella säkerhetsrisker.

3. Datorstyrt kontrollsystem: Det avancerade kontrollsystemet erbjuder ett brett spektrum av skydd och övervakar batteriets tillstånd för att hålla det säkert.


Plug & Play “ONE” använder bultade cylindriska celler, vilket eliminerar behovet av lödöron, svetsning eller liknande sammanfogning som kan orsaka sämre prestanda och risk för haveri över tid. Tvärtom så säkerställer vår bultteknik robusthet och tillförlitlighet för proffesionell användning, utan att kompromissa med batteriets livslängd eller prestanda. Även om cylindriska celler tar upp något mer volym än prismatiska celler, är de nödvändiga för att uppnå både hög prestanda och lång livslängd. Vi är stolta över våra avancerade bultade cylindriska celler, vilket illustreras av den framgångsrika övergången till våra 3270 (lödöronlösa) celler redan för många år sedan. Medan andra i bilbranschen står inför utmaningar i liknande övergång från 2170 celler och ännu inte har kommit igång med lödoronfria 4680 celler.


Smart Lithium-batterierna är integrerade i vårt Smart Mobile Home-ekosystem, som erbjuder kontinuerliga kostnadsfria uppgraderingar.

Du kan dessutom förbättra din instrumentpanel genom att enkelt installera en surfplatta på väggen och ladda ner vår kostnadsfria app, SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect.

För ytterligare information, vänligen kontakta: | Bilder får användas om de publiceras oförändrade.

SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium Plug & Play - 3rd Generation

Mar 2023

World Premiere of the 3rd generation Smart Lithium Plug & Play

Now we launch the 3rd generation of our Plug&Play series with even higher capacity density and performance. As a part of the Smart Mobile Home family, you may benefit from never-ending high-tech advantages.

With 8% higher energy density  

The new Plug & Play ONE battery features 108Ah for a 12V system. Which is 8% more capacity in the same casing with the same weight. With its astounding specifications, it is really one of a kind, but the name is meant to indicate that it is the premier choice for anyone in need of just a single battery.

The new Plug & Play Multi battery also features 108Ah @ 12V. Also available for a 24V system with the same capacity of 54Ah@24V. The Multi is optimized to be used in the domestic bank with 2 or more batteries.

Plug & Play are still unique as they offer a true and effortless upgrade from old-style batteries. Thanks to advanced electronics, anyone, anywhere may simply remove their old, outdated batteries and slip in their new plug & play batteries.
The safety level is unrivaled – in 2023 you may not find safer energy storage for your boat. This is thanks to the three independent safety aspects of a Smart Lithium battery.

Firstly, the chemistry is inert which means no run-aways can take place in other types of lithium chemistry batteries. You may punch holes, crush or put it in a fire and despite this nothing will happen.

Secondly, the cell casing which is made of metal and could potentially act badly if there was a sudden heat up (for example throw it in a bonfire) – but thanks to the security valves which will open in such case this potential problem is not existent any longer. Thirdly the computer-guided control system offers a plethora of protections keeping the battery out of harm’s way.

The Smart Lithium batteries are a part of our Smart Mobile Home with never-ending free upgrades. Don’t forget that you may upgrade your instrument panel by simply putting a tablet on the wall and downloading our free App, SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect.


The Plug & Play remains steadfast using our advanced bolted cylindrical cells. No tabs, no welding nor soldering that causes resistance or might even come loose. The bolting ensures heavy-duty usage without affecting the life expectancy or limiting the battery. The choice of cylindrical cells uses slightly more volume compared to prismatic cells, but it is the only choice to be able to maintain high performance and long-life expectancy at the same time. We are proud of our cells and for example, you may read a lot about how Tesla is struggling in their transition from 2170 cells into the newer tab less 4680. We already took the step from the smaller cells into our 3270 (tab less) cells many years ago.  

SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium Plug & Play

Mar 2023

Världspremiär för 3:e generationens Smart Lithium Plug&Play med 8 % högre effekttäthet.

Nu lanserar vi den 3:e generationen av vår Plug&Play-serie med ännu högre kapacitet och prestanda. Som en del av Smart Mobile Home-familjen får du fria uppdateringar och möjlighet till att montera en padda på instrumentpanelen samt dela information till hela familjens telefoner. 

Med 8% högre energitäthet 

Det nya Plug & Play ONE-batteriet har 108Ah för ett 12V-system. Vilket är 8% mer kapacitet i samma hölje med bibehållen vikt. ONE är för dig som bara behöver ett enda batteri. 

Det nya Plug & Play Multi-batteriet med 108Ah @ 12V. Finns även för 24V system med samma kapacitet 54Ah@24V. Multi är optimerad för att användas i hushållsbanken med 2 eller fler batterier.
Plug & Play är fortfarande unika eftersom de erbjuder en enkel uppgradering från gamla batterier. Tack vare den avancerade elektroniken kan vem som helst, var som helst, enkelt ta bort sina gamla, åldrade batterier och sätta i nya plug & play-batterier.

Plug & Play fortsätter självklart med våra avancerade cylindriska celler. Inga lödöron, ingen svetsning som orsakar motstånd eller till och med kan lossna. Bultningen säkerställer tuff användning utan att påverka den förväntade livslängden.

Valet av cylindriska celler ger lite större volym för batteripacket jämfört med prismatiska celler, men det är det enda valet för att kunna bibehålla hög prestanda och lång livslängd på samma gång. Vi är stolta över våra celler och till exempel kan du läsa mycket om att Tesla kämpar med sin övergång från 2170-celler till den nyare 4680 utan lödöron. Vi har redan tagit steget från de mindre cellerna till våra 3270-celler (utan lödöron) för många år sedan.
Säkerhetsnivån är oöverträffad –
Vi vet att du inte hittar ett säkrare batteri för din båt. Detta tack vare de tre oberoende säkerhetsnivåerna hos ett Smart Lithium-batteri. För det första är kemin inert vilket innebär att ingen kedjereaktion kan ske såsom i andra typer av litiumbatterier med annan kemisk sammansättning. Du kan punktera, krossa eller lägga den i en brasa och trots detta händer ingenting. För det andra, cellhöljet som är tillverkat i metall och potentiellt skulle kunna explodera vid plötslig upphettning (till exempel om den hamnar i en brasa) – men tack vare säkerhetsventilerna som kommer att öppnar I nödfall så existerar inte detta potentiella problem. För det tredje erbjuder det datorstyrda kontrollsystemet en uppsjö av skydd som säkerställer att batteriet aldrig kommer i närheten av farligheter. 

Mobile Smart HomeDe smarta litiumbatterierna är en del av vårt Smart Home lösning med kontinuerliga gratis förbättringar. Glöm inte att du kan uppgradera din instrumentpanel genom att helt enkelt sätta en surfplatta på väggen och ladda ner vår kostnadsfria app, SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect.

SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium DRIVE small marine propulsion

Mar 2023

World Premiere for DRIVE capacity increase 

Smart Lithium DRIVE small-sized batteries for marine propulsion get a general capacity increase of 8% for the 2023 models. 
Trolling batteries 12V and 24V are upgraded to 1400Wh which is an 8% increase in the same casing at the same weight. 
SUNBEAMsystem DRIVE batteries are engineered for the best possible performance and lifetime.  

Our small-sized DRIVE batteries use advanced bolted cylindrical cells. No tabs, No welding nor soldering that causes resistance or might even come loose. The bolting ensures heavy-duty usage without affecting the life expectancy or limiting the battery. The choice of cylindrical cells uses slightly more volume compared to prismatic cells, but it is the only choice to be able to maintain high performance and long life expectancy at the same time. We are proud of our cells and for example, you may read a lot about how Tesla is struggling in their transition from 2170 cells into the newer tab less 4680. We already took the step from the smaller cells into our 3270 (tab less) cells many years ago.

Not only the hardware is on the front line but the software user experience is as well.

Easy charge reboot
As the only manufacturer, we offer the simple and ingenious …  which allows the user to start any type of charger after completely emptying the battery. Other lithium batteries require a connection to another battery to trick the charger to sense it is connected to a battery and start the charging. Not needed on a DRIVE battery! Simply connect the charger and in the App, you tell the battery to accept the charge. 

Winter mode
For anyone with the ambition to use their battery late or early in the season. There is a risk when using other brands that the battery will shut down if it gets too cold. We solved this, and DRIVE batteries come with Winter mode allowing you to use your battery despite frosty temperatures.

The always-updating App got smart functions such as configurable alarms. Did you know you do not even have to open the app for constant information? Both IOS and Android offer configurable pop-up information. In Android, you may get the battery status in the top bar. Never feel afraid of running out of juice again! 

SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium DRIVE yacht propulsion

Mar 2023

World Premiere! Smart Lithium DRIVE yacht propulsion gets a new top-of-the-line 10kWh sized battery with cylindrical cells and advanced active balancing. 

The most advanced available battery pack for electrical yachts. SUNBEAMsystem DRIVE batteries are engineered for the best possible performance and lifetime.  

For this size of batteries the marine industry conventionally uses prismatic cells for simplicity and cost savings. In the era of electric cars, one wouldn’t find any car with prismatic cells as it offers a shorter life expectancy when used in the upper regions of the performance envelope. This is why we launch the very unique 10kWh DRIVE battery with cylindrical cells and active balancing.

As with our high-performance Plug & Play batteries, we use our advanced tab less 3270 cells. No tabs, no welding or soldering that causes resistance. The bolting ensures heavy-duty usage without affecting the life expectancy or limiting the battery. We are proud of our cells and for example, you may read a lot about how Tesla is struggling in their transition from 2170 cells into the newer tab less 4680. We already took the step from the smaller cells into our 3270 (tab less) cells many years ago.

The ever-working active balancing is needed to control and maintain all the cells in this battery pack. Using state-of-the-art technology from the EV industry.  

The safety level is unrivaled – in 2023 you may not find safer energy storage for your boat. This is thanks to the three independent safety aspects of a Smart Lithium battery. Firstly, the chemistry is inert which means no run-aways can take place in other types of lithium chemistry batteries. You may punch holes, crush or put it in a fire and despite this nothing will happen. Secondly, the cell casing which is made of metal and could potentially act badly if there was a sudden heat up (for example throwing it in a bonfire) – but thanks to the security valves which will open in such case this potential problem is not existent any longer. Thirdly the computer-guided control system offers a plethora of protections keeping the battery out of harm’s way. 

Multi Connect APPThe Smart Lithium batteries are a part of our Smart Mobile Home with never-ending free upgrades. Put the tablet on the instrument panel and boast it with a modern overlook of your batteries and other devices. Simply put the tablet on the wall of our free App, SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect. You may also instantly view the same information on every crew member’s mobile phone. 

SUNBEAMsystem solar panels – Winner Independent test by Finnish Magazine KIPPARI

Jun 2021

TOUGH+ Test Winner!

With a stunning grade of 9.1/10, the Tough+ 58W was the winner of yet another independent test! This professional test ordered by the Magazine KIPPARI compared 6 brands with a total of 8 models of different solar panels.
The measurements of the panels were done by the experts at Solar Simulator Finland in the laboratory in Littois. And the judging criteria were: Installability, Connectors & cables, Power per area, and Price per watt. The winner Tough+ 58w was declared “A high-performance solar panel which is well equipped and suitable for demanding use”.

The article also concludes:
“Walkable and a wear-resistant flexible solar panel that is easy to install thanks to the extraordinary nice wiring connection.”
“The included 3M adhesive film makes installation very easy.”
“Measured perpendicular power relative to the area was the best of all panels in the test.”

SUNBEAMsystem Nordic 54w second to Tough+ in the KiPPARI test

Nordic grabbed second place in the same test, second only to the probably unbeatable Tough+ panel. The Nordic 54w model got a score of 8,7/10 and was declared as: “High-efficiency, well-priced and easy to install”.

Read the article.

solar panels tests winner

SUNBEAMsystem New Smart Mobile Home Products

May 2021

You can now add existing devices to the Multi Connect network with our newly launched Smart Mobile Home products.

Smart Custom Switch

Mobile Smart Home

Connect up to two devices to the new Smart Switch and enjoy switching these on or off remotely in the SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect APP. It may control up to 10A (that is 120 Watt in a 12-volt system) appliances. With two separate channels and easy differentiation on which way is which in the on/off situation. It may be powered by a 12VDC source or even 5VDC (from for example a USB).

Smart Battery Monitor Light

Mobile Smart Home

Want to know your current state of charge? It will never reach the level of SMART LITHIUM batteries, but if you have older types of batteries you can use our SMART Battery Monitor Light for a cost-effective way to connect them to your Multi Connect APP network as well. Not as accurate SOC as a shunt but with a very accurate voltage reading and for sure an upgrade for anyone with old lead-acid batteries.

Smart Mobile Home



SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect APP is the natural center that keeps you both informed and in control. No need to switch in between products, simply show them at the same time! No need to always enter the app, we have several natural ways to display information while keeping the app out of your view.
It is the natural hub with continuously added new features and connectable products.

SUNBEAMsystem 2021 Spring Products News

Mar 2021

Marine Solar Panels

LUNARK // A Journey to the Moon // Powered by SUNBEAMsystem

Oct 2020

SUNBEAMsystem product in the latest Praktiskt Båtägande nr10

Oct 2020

SUNBEAMsystem product in the latest Praktiskt Båtägande nr7

Jul 2020


Jul 2020


Jul 2020

marine battery
marine battery


Marine Battery

SUNBEAMsystem product in the latest Zeilen

Jun 2020

SUNBEAMsystem and Spectrum Solar Team at the HISWA

Mar 2020

SUNBEAMsystem at Allt för sjön 2020

Mar 2020

SUNBEAMsystem at Boot Dusseldorf 2020

Jan 2020

SUNBEAMsystem at METS Trade Show 2019

Nov 2019

SUNBEAMsystem and Mark Slats at the HISWA

Mar 2019


Mar 2019


Feb 2019

SUNBEAMsystem and Optimus Yacht at Belgian Boat Show

Feb 2019


Feb 2019

SUNBEAMsystem at Boot Düsseldorf

Jan 2019

SUNBEAMsystem at METS Trade Show 2018

Nov 2018


Mar 2018


Feb 2018


Feb 2018

SUNBEAMsystem at Boot Düsseldorf

Jan 2018

SUNBEAMsystem in the new WasserSport

Dec 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at METS Trade Show 2017

Nov 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at Southampton Boat Show

Sep 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at Ishøj Havn in Denmark

Aug 2017

2017 Rolex Fastnet Race

Aug 2017

Nordic Solar Panel

SUNBEAMsystem at the HISWA

Aug 2017


Aug 2017

SUNBEAMsystem in Swedish Praktiskt Batågande

Apr 2017

SUNBEAMsystem in Danish Motorbådsnyt

Apr 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at the HISWA 2017

Mar 2017

SUNBEAMsystem in Danish BådMagasinet

Mar 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at Allt för Sjön

Mar 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at Fredericia Boat Show

Feb 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at Vene Båt in Helsinki

Feb 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at Gothenburg Boat Fair

Jan 2017

SUNBEAMsystem at METS Trade show in Amsterdam

Nov 2016

Linjett 43 with the brand new 100w TOUGH FLUSH

Sep 2016

Have you read the latest All At Sea?

Aug 2016

Launching the new SUNBEAMsystem 100W Tough Flush

Jul 2016

PAC-Man win the Swedish ÅF Offshore Race

Apr 2016

Article about SUNBEAMsystem Solar Panels

Apr 2016

SUNBEAMsystem Solar Panels In Dutch TV Show

Mar 2016

SUNBEAMsystem at Stockholm Allt för Sjön 2016

Mar 2016

Vene Boat 2016

Feb 2016

SUNBEAMsystem at the Belgian Boat Show

Feb 2016

SUNBEAMsystem Solar Panels at Båmässan

Jan 2016

Elan E4 with SUNBEAMsystem Solar Panels

Dec 2015

SUNBEAMsystem at the METS Trade Fair

Oct 2015

Linjett 43 Nominated Swedish boat of the year

May 2015

New Flush Solar Panel In Swedish MagazineBåtliv

Apr 2015

Presenting the new Flush Models

Mar 2015

View SUNBEAMsystem products at HISWA 2015

Mar 2015

See SUNBEAMsystem at BOATFIT Bremen

Feb 2015

Launching SUNBEAMsystem 50W LOXX quick fix panel

Feb 2015

SUNBEAMsystem at Allt för Sjön - Stockholm

Feb 2015

Arcona 380Z - best boat on Helsinki Vene 15 boat

Feb 2015

SUNBEAMsystem at Boat Holland 15

Feb 2015

In stand 2055 you can get information about our products, and during the whole fair (6 to 11 February), you can view some demo models here.

Sail & Solar will be represented from 6 to 8 February to support Yacht Storage Groningen at Boot Holland in Leeuwarden.

SUNBEAMsystem Aero model on Arcona 380Z

Feb 2015

Visit Arcona 380Z with SUNBEAMsystem solar panels on Vene boat 2015 – Helsinki 6th to 15th February

Equipped with the SUNBEAMsystem aero model. Arcona 380Z (zero-emission) will be covered by solar panels in a very stylish manner. The mast and bomb will be covered by SUNBEAMsystem aero which is merely 1.5mm thick and extremely lightweight. On the hull, you can find SUNBEAMsystem stripes.

SUNBEAM system at the Boat Fair in Gothenburg

Aug 2014

Please visit us at the Gothenburg Boat Fair.
We are at booth G09: 02 at Viking Yachting.

Saturday – Sunday 31 Jan – 1 Feb 10 am – 6 pm
Monday – Thursday 2 Feb – 5 Feb 12 am – 8 pm
Friday – Sunday 6 Feb – 8 Feb 10 am – 6 pm