MINI-R Solar Charge Controller

MINI-R Solar Charge Controller

the smallest 65W solar charge controller you have ever seen

MINI-R Solar_Sunbeamsystem

The little MINI-R is extremely light, user-friendly, and features a waterproof IP67 housing

Micro sized

Suited for mobile use

Waterproof design

MC4 connectors

The SUNBEAMsystem MINI-R Solar Charge Controller might be the smallest 65A solar charge controller you have ever seen. As a so-called ‘in-line’ controller, it’s designed for mobile applications. Combine it with a solar panel (max. 65W) and you’ll have an incredible portable solar power source at your disposal.

It comes with two extension cables. One fitted with MC4 connectors for connecting a solar panel. And another one fitted with croc clamps for connecting your battery. There’s also an optional cable fitted with cable eyes to connect to your battery terminals in a permanent way.

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Where can I make best use of MINI-R ?

In order to start the MINI-R Solar Charge Controller, it must connect to a 12V battery. It is optimal to use with boats, motorhomes, and motorcycles. Or any type of setup using a lead-acid 12V battery no matter how small or big.

What cables are included in the pack?

Solar panel connection:
• Cable with MC4 connectors  (1.5m)

Battery connection:
• Crocodile connectors (0.4m)
• Cig. style connector male (0.6m)

Optional accessories:
• Permanent battery 8mm ring connectors
• MC4-MC4 3m or 6m

Are there any special requirements to use the MINI-R?

To plug on MINI-R Solar Charge Controller the solar panel wattage limit is 65W. Beyond the solar panel, you need any type of lead-acid battery with 12V nominal voltage. It cannot establish connections direct to any equipment. There must be a 12V battery connected as well.  The battery cannot be completely flat it must maintain at least 5-6V to Mini-R to sense there is a battery connected.

How do I know it is charging?

  • 4 LED’s cycle back and forth from right to left = Charging
  • All 4 LED’s constant on = Charging completed
  • The First one from the left-hand side is always on = no solar panel detected, battery connection is good.
  • All 4 LED’s flash = Good solar panel connection but no battery connection

Which batteries can I charge with MINI-R?

Any type of 12V Lead-Acid battery. Often called Open, Sealed, Starter, or Marine. Any type of SUNBEAMsystem SMART LITHIUM battery is also compatible.


MINI-R Solar Charge Controller


  • System Voltage: 12V DC
  • Self-consumption: <5mA
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Max. PV rated power: 65W
  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 66 x 38 x 16 mm