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Luxury, silent and sustainable electric Houseboats

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Visit Friesland: a unique province in the Netherlands


Are you looking for a unique tour? Then Friesland is your ultimate destination. The provincial capital of Leeuwarden with its canals is the most beautiful province in the Netherlands. And you can get around the canals in a grand way. The best and silent tour with the Electric Yachts from Yachtcenter Langweer.

Electric Houseboats
Electric Houseboats

The Yachtcenter Langweer has a one-of-a-kind rental fleet of electric houseboats. This visionary approach allows you to enjoy nature in total silence. All boats are outfitted with SUNBEAMsystem solar panels to charge the batteries along the way. The walkable Tough panels, in PV arrays ranging from 1 to 2kW depending on the boat, create a multifunctional space that also serves as a sun deck!

On most canals, you can sail up to 6 km per hour, which fits perfectly with electric sailing. When the batteries are full, the hirer can sail electrically for about 3 hours, without the use of tools. If the battery consumption is less than 50%, the fossil-free and whisper-quiet generator will switch on. This will provide the boat with enough power. So you have the possibility of unlimited sailing.

Electric Houseboats