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Joakim Brantingson 1000 miles qualification for the 2023 Mini-Transat

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Joakim Brantingson

Joakim sailed a thousand nautical miles alone along the Swedish coast

Between the 12:th and 25:th of September Joakim sailed 1000 nautical miles (1800km) alone along the coast of Sweden as part of the qualification to the Mini-Transat regatta.

– Like so many others I have had an ongoing battle with breathing issues and physical limitations as a result of falling sick in COVID-19 during the early months of this year. Therefore it is a huge personal success to have completed this journey, says the sailor Joakim Brantingson who now is back in the home port Gåshaga Marina with the boat Estelle.
Estelle is equipped with Black Tough solar panels, reinforced with carbon fiber, with a custom installation in the back of his boat.

The route started at Almagrundet outside Sandhamn with a southbound course to round the island Gotska Sandön and turned then immediately north towards the lighthouse Finngrundet in the bay of Gävle. After completing the longest southbound leg of the journey, Joakim rounded the Danish island of Bornholm and then finally set the course back north towards the finish at Almagrundet. The journey in the September weather produced days with summer heat, but also wind gusts of storm strength and large waves, with the lowest noted temperature of 6°C. However, it is the lack of sleep that has been the largest challenge to overcome – sleeping for only 20 minutes at a time to ensure to avoid collisions with any of the countless cargo ships which traffic the Baltic sea.

Joakim during the 1000 miles qualification to the Mini-Transat – Picture Rickard Wärn

The 1000 nautical mile-long journey needs to be completed without interruptions to be deemed qualifying to the Mini-Transat race, so the situation is currently unclear whether or not the french Classe mini will accept Joakim’s journey due to the emergency stopover. However, at the time of the collision, more than 1000 nautical miles had already been logged and it is hard to disagree with the necessity of seeking emergency harbor during Thursday morning.

– Should there be a negative outcome, I will sail another 1000 miles as soon as the weather allows. To participate as the only Swede in the 2023 edition of the Mini-Transat is the challenge of my life and I really thrive out there in the solitude among the waves, despite the lack of a heating, bed, and toilet onboard Estelle.
According to current calculations, Joakim’s project towards the 2023 Mini-Transat has a reach of 16 million people.

SUNBEAMsystem proud to sponsor the Swedish sailor Joakim Brantingson