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Chris Bertish – Transpacific Wing Project

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Chris Bertish

Photo Credit Quin O’Hara


SUNBEAMsystem is proud to have sponsored Chris Bertish and his historic 2,465mile expedition to wingfoil across the Pacific Ocean for the Transpacific Wing Project. This endeavor is the worlds first solo, wing foil, transpacific crossing, and surpasses Bertishs previous world record for the longest distance traveled on a wingfoil, solo and unsupported at 212 miles achieved in June 2021.

SUNBEAMsystem provided Bertish with 126w TOUGH++, 39w TOUGH+, and 55w TOUGH series solar panels, totaling 220W of power. Together with the Wing and the hydropower, our panels helped Chris to achieve his goals and be successful in his journey.

The first four weeks of his adventure included battling big waves, strong wind currents, stormy seas, thick fog, freezing cold, and constant wet weather. He anticipated extreme conditions immediately leaving the California coast and employed strategies to counteract perilous conditions of fog, choppy waters, trade winds, and dangerous waves. 

Such weather conditions abated for the latter part of his voyage as he ventured out further west into the Pacific Ocean and out of local wind anomalies.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling to set a goal that appears insurmountable, do all that you can to achieve it, and reach the finish line far sooner than expected,” Bertish said. “The first part of the trip was super intense due to extreme weather and coming into the Hawaiian Island with Tropical Storm Darby on my heels, making for some of the most extreme and scary ocean conditions I have ever experienced.” The mission of the TransPacific Wing Project is to raise awareness around climate change and the importance of climate action while enriching minds with current ocean conservation data and ocean research education. The project is raising money for ocean conservation through partnerships with Conservation International and Sea Shepherd, all facilitated through the Chris Bertish Foundation.

Chris Bertish before and after the trip

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