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A. Hofvander reports 127.5W from 124.5W Tough++ solar panels e-trike trials

By April 7, 2020April 29th, 2020No Comments

Alex Hofvander reports an incredible 127.5W from his Tough++ 124.5W solar panels during trials of his new solar bike. The solar bike is built to win the SunTrip race from Lyon to Guangzhou.…
Using off the shelf standard SUNBEAMsystem Tough++ solar panels with a record high 25.1% efficiency.

The race rules limit the surface area available for recharge of the electric bike’s battery. By using SUNBEAMsystem Tough++ Alexander has maximized the available output. At the moment Alex Hofvander got 2 panels fitted on top off the trike. Guess if he got a nice surprise when the output from both panels topped 255W (127.5W per each) in the Swedish Västerås Sun during the first trial run, early April.

Alex’s project utilizes the best parts there is on the market as well as a lot of ingenious solutions ensuring an ending up in the top for the coming race. We at SUNBEAMsystem are very proud to have been chosen by Alex to power his race.

At the moment it looks like the race will be postponed until 2021 because of the Corona Crisis.