January 2020    

Come and see our new products at Boot Dusseldorf

Ihr findet uns in Halle 10 Stand C46.

Wir zeigen dort u.a. die neusten Produkte von SUNBEAMsystem. Innovativer schwedischer Hersteller von flachen, flexiblen und begehbaren Solarmodulen.
Brandneu zur Messe: Die faltbaren Panels in 41W, 62W oder 124W.

November 2019    

Catch a sneak peek of the next years big news! Visit the Swedish Innovation Corner in Hall 7

New Product

SUNBEAMsystem Carbon Quick Fix

With the new Carbon model, SUNBEAMsystem offers a resilient solar panel with a very quick and simple installation on an existing canvas (for example a Bimini).

It used to be problematic to fit big solar panels on canvas

Canvas will not offer adequate support for a traditional big soft solar panel. This has been noticed in the yachting community with excessive material wear and strange break downs. Leading to some yacht owners opting for heavy, rigid and framed solar panels that demands a complicated installation.

SUNBEAMsystem has previously only sold 54Watt sizes for use on Canvas to help customers avoid damage to the big sized solar panels. This even though SUNBEAMsystem solar panels that are meant for fitting on a hard surface are stiffer than most other brands solar panels in the same size. However customer demands have meant that many bigger sized panels have been fitted on Bimini´s and other types of Canvas. In some cases, also against better knowledge by the producers and installers. A continuous flexing will wear out any type of material and sometimes unrelated damage might occur.

Problem solved

The integrated Carbon fiber stiffener addresses this issue and allows the use of big sized solar panels on top of a soft top. The strength/weight ratio of carbon fiber is important since the canvas will normally not support a heavy solution.

The Quick Fix system allows for a semi-temporary mounting on canvas or other surfaces. Easy and fast to mount with the stainless steel studs. The Quick Fix system is the ideal solution to mount solar panels on a sprayhood or Bimini.

Modern Design

The Black surface will match any type of colored canvas top. The edges are soft to allow a gentle interaction with the cloth. The transparency of the edges will let through the color of the cloth, hence not introducing any type of non matched color.

The cells – 16% more power

The Carbon Quick Fix is a reinforced Tough+ with buttons for fitting on Canvas. The Tough+ serie is developed for professional purposes and high-end installations. All models are fitted with Sunpower™ cells with an efficiency of no less than 23.7%, resulting in a high production in relation to the used surface.

Shadow Optimized

Even though mostly placed in sunny areas, partial shadowing is more common than one might consider. The protected Swedish design results in a higher production while a shadow is covering parts of the panel.

Durable long life surface – UV proof

The Carbon Quick Fix is equipped with the same superior materials that have previously been developed for the original Tough series by SUNBEAMsystem. The innovative Tough surface offers a longer lifespan than any other thin and lightweight solar panel. The antislip profile catches more light in low sun angles. In addition, the dirt repellent properties also improve daily production by helping to keep the panels clean by rain.

The exotic materials used allows us to offer a unique 5-years warranty.

Link to pictures in full size

6th March 2019  

Meet us and meet Mark Slats at the HISWA

1a Mars 2019  

Träffa oss på Allt för Sjön i Stockholm 1-10e Mars. Vi finns i Benn’s och SeaSeas montrar.

February 2019  

Meet us at Vene Båt in Helsinki 10-18 February

1a February 2019  batmassan

Meet us in Gothenburg, Sweden during the boat fair 1-10th February

January 2019    

Meet us at Boot Düsseldorf

November 2018    

Catch a sneak peek of the next years big news! Visit the Swedish Innovation Corner in Hall 7

3e Mars 2017  

Träffa oss på Allt för Sjön i Stockholm 3-11

10 February 2018  

Meet us at Vene Båt in Helsinki 10-18 February

3 February 2018  batmassan

Meet us in Gothenburg, Sweden during the boat fair 3-11th February

20 January 2018    

Meet us at Boot Düsseldorf  20-28th January

15 January 2018    

Read the latest WasserSport.

13 November 2017    

Catch a sneak peek of the next years big news! Visit the Swedish Innovation Corner in Hall 7

SUNBEAMsystem  07.456 @ METS Trade show in Amsterdam, 14-15-16 November

13th September 2017  

Meet us at the Southampton Boat Show, 15-24th September 2017, discounted tickets for only £12/adult: Ticket Offer Code: EPTOT5LYDM

Please use this link to the ticket page on the Show website then insert the offer code to get your discounted tickets!

28th August 2017  

SUNBEAMsystem is represented by Kjoller at the autumns big floating boat fair at Ishøj Havn in Denmark, the 1-3 September 2017

15th August 2017  

SUNBEAMsystem solar panels complete the 2017 Fastnet Race !

3rd August 2017  

Meet us at the Sydney Boat show 3-7 August.  Our Australian distributor Ocean Solutions Pty. Ltd. can be found in stand 637

8th June 2017  

SUNBEAMsystem supplier for The Ocean Cleanup

“OceanCleanup” is the largest clean up project in history – an heroic effort to try and save our oceans!

SUNBEAMsystem is a proud supplier of solar panels for “OceanCleanup”.

Boyan Slat recently presented a breakthrough in the development of The OceanCleanup. Due to improvements in the design the system is going to be functional in 2018, two years earlier than planned. Also, the efficiency of the system has gone up significantly. Previous estimations show 42% of all existing plastic being cleaned from the oceans within 10 years. But more recent calculations suggest 50% within 5 years is possible.

This big leap in feasibility is largely due to two fundamental changes. Previously the plan was to build one large system, permanently anchored in the seabed. Now work is being done on a modular design based on sea anchors. This means the project can start with an initial group of smaller systems, drastically lowering the startup costs. It also allows the systems do drift on the currents which also carry the plastic. Interestingly this increases the overall performance since the systems now naturally gravitate towards plastic ‘hot spots’.
Each cleanup location can feature up to 50 smaller subsystems. To track their position and collect data, each system is equipped with a GPS-tracker and multiple sensors. The batteries for these electronics will be charged by solar panels. And these solar panels have to pass high requirements due to the demanding circumstances at sea. Standard ‘glass panels’ like you see on rooftops are therefore far from suited. In their search for a supplier with experience in applying solar panels in marine environments our paths crossed and SUNBEAMsystem is proud to write: we are supplier of OceanCleanup!

The current design features Tough 18W Flush panels, high-efficiency solar panels specifically designed for maritime purposes. The durable Tough surface is resistant to saltwater and strong UV radiation and the Flush cables on the backside of the panels allow for ‘invisible’ internal connection to the regulators. No unnecessary luxury: the solar panels are mounted directly on the floaters and will continuously be in contact with the seawater.

For The Ocean Cleanup it’s the perfect solution for one of the many challenges in cleaning our oceans of plastic. For us, SUNBEAMsystem, an honor to participate in this project to save the Oceans.

Do you also want to support The OceanCleanup?
On this page you can make a donation to the project.

Interested in the flexible and walkable solar panels from SUNBEAMsystem? Click here for more information.

18e April 2017  

SUNBEAMsystem i Swedish Practical Boat Owner  (nr4 2017)

4th April 2017  

SUNBEAMsystem in Danish Motorbådsnyt

motorbaadsnytt sunbeamsystem

1st April 2017  

SUNBEAMsystem in Danish BådMagasinet

badmagasinet sunbeamsystem

4e March 2017  

Meet us at Allt för Sjön in Stockholm 4-12th March

We will present our new all black solar panel models.

24 February 2017  BoatShow_Logo_150

Meet us at Fredericia Boat Show  24-26 & 2-5 March

10 February 2017  

Meet us at Vene Båt in Helsinki 10-19 February

3 February 2017  batmassan

Meet us in Gothenburg, Sweden during the boat fair 3-12th February

1 January 2017    

SUNBEAMsystem supplies Solar Panels for High Tech Astronomical measuring vessel.

SUNBEAMsystem Cosmic Ray Detector is a small vessel that measures high energy particles on the sea surface on top of the big KM3NeT detector being built on the Mediterranean Sea floor.  The data from SUNBEAMsystem CRD will provide vital data for the big detector.  Need we say that it is powered by SUNBEAMsystem.

Find out more on

sunbeamsystem-cosmic-ray-detector sunbeamsystem-powers-research-vessel-for-km3net

11 November 2016    

Visit SUNBEAMsystem in our stand at the METS Trade show in Amsterdam, 15-16-17 November

Hall 12.  Past the USA pavilion and the Nordic Cafe


16 October 2016    

Have you read the latest All At Sea?


31 August 2016    sunbeamsystem logo65

To meet the demands from our customers we launch the new SUNBEAMsystem 100W Tough Flush

It combines the tougher surface with the flat hidden cable in the same 100Watt solar panel. Both these abilities are unique for SUNBEAMsystem. We make solar panels for vehicles and our strong ambition is to fulfill the user’s needs.


5 July 2016   

We would like to congratulate PAC-Man, the over all SRS winner of the Swedish ÅF Offshore Race

PAC-Man is equipped with several SUNBEAMsystem solar panels.


16 May 2016  npo_logo-18cd7223c325ef23806032109b2a3e3c46d1bfc6a368202da20b2bfe214fb48a

Vandaag is het sponsorproject Trintella4Green te zien in het NPO2 programma Binnenstebuiten. Ze vertellen onder andere over het verduurzamen van hun schip. Aflevering gemist? Online terugkijken kan via deze link!

24 April 2016   campingsverige visar sunbeamsystem (Camping Sweden) features an article regarding SUNBEAMsystem solar panels.

sunbeamsystem campingsverige

20 april 2016  npo_logo-18cd7223c325ef23806032109b2a3e3c46d1bfc6a368202da20b2bfe214fb48a

The Dutch NPO2 show BinnensteBuiten is featuring an item on the Dutch sponsor project Trintella4Green. Today the film crew came by to shoot for one of the upcoming episodes. Niels shows what it’s like to live on a completely sustainable ship, on which he and Tjerk will sail around the world in 2017. The deck is fitted with a total of 700W of SUNBEAMsystem panels.


18 Mars 2016

This winters boat fairs have passed. A bit sad but sore feets are happy.

Where you one of tens of thousands that walked on one of our new TOUGH models?

4 Mars 2016

Visit us at the boatfair  Stockholm Allt för sjön 2016, 5-13 Mars 2016

Du hittar SUNBEAMsystem hos

Benn’s  C09:29

Båtaccenten  C12:21 och C14:51

Hjertmans C13:21

2016-03-09 12.23.472016-03-04 14.21.34

2016-03-06 14.30.53                                                  2016-03-05 17.21.45

12 Feb 2016

Les om bedre solcellepanel

sunbeamsystem sailmagasinet

12 Feb 2016

Se våra fantastiska solpaneler på Vene båt 12-21.2.2106  i Helsingfors

SUNBEAMsystem solpaneler finns hos / OY VESTEK monternummer: 5k11

Du kan också se våra paneler på Arcona 380Z som utnämndes till årets båt föregående mässa. Monternummer: 7k13

2016-02-16 15.24.22

11 Feb 2016

Voir le panneaux solaires SUNBEAMsystem au the Belgian Boat Show  11 – 13 & 17 – 19 FÉVRIER 2017, FLANDERS EXPO, GAND

View  SUNBEAMsystem solar panels at the Belgian Boat Show 11 – 13 & 17 – 19 FEBRUARI 2017 FLANDERS EXPO, GENT

SUNBEAMsystem on belgian boatshow

5 Feb 2016

Världspremiär för SUNBEAMsystem Tough på Båmässan i Göteborg 6-14 Februari

Besök hos hos Viking Yachting och Hjertmans

SUNBEAMsystem hos Viking Yachting

4 Dec 2015

Elan E4 avec moteur électrique et de panneaux solaires SUNBEAMsystem

Voir le nouveau Elan E4 avec moteur électrique et de panneaux solaires SUNBEAMsystem au nautic salon de Paris 4-13 Décembre ici à 2015

View the new Elan E4 with electric motor and SUNBEAMsystem solar panels at the paris boat show 4-13 December 2015


17 Nov 2015

SUNBEAMsystem with new products at the METS Trade Fair

Visit SUNBEAMsystem at both 09.104 in the Swedish Pavillion at the METS trade fair in Amsterdam.  17-19 November  2015


27 Oct 2015

Cape To Cape Johan Wiklund arrives safely to Capetown

Adventurer and SAS captain Johan Wiklund arrives safely to Capetown after his seven weeks long journey in a 80 year old “Moth”. The journey that started at Nordkap included many adventures like beeing put in prison in Egypt accused of beeing a spy because of his webcam.

Navigation was done like in the old days. The only electronic onboard was Johan’s mobile phone and the communication radio which was powered by a SUNBEAMsystem solar panel mounted on the curved wing (in front of the pilot seat)


Läs mer om Johan Wiklunds flygning i dagens pappersupplaga av Svenska Dagbladet.–i-80-ar-gammalt-plan/om/varlden

30 Aug 2015

Linjett 43 Nominated Swedish boat of the year

Linjett 43 nominated for boat of the year in the Stockholm fair “Allt för Sjön”

Many new and fresh design solutions including the innovative new lifting keel design.

Delivered with 3x100W SUNBEAMsystem solar panels.


1 May 2015

Säsongspremiär för Burger Boat

Nu har Burger Boat haft säsongspremiär. Missa inte Stockholms enda helt miljövänliga Food truck som dessutom är en båt.

Burger Boat använder Sunbeamsystems unikt lätta och högproducerande solpaneler för att driva både elmotorer för framdrift såväl som all köksutrustning och diverse system.

Följ dem


April 2015

50W flush solpanel utan kopplingsdosa i Båtliv

SUNBEAMsystem högeffektiva solpaneler utan kopplingsdosa är med i senaste Båtliv nummer 4


April 2015

Solar Impulse Flight around the world – Big leap over the pacific

Follow the drama, Solar Impulse flight around the world.

Right now – diverted to Japan due to bad weather over the pacific – The big leap has to wait


April 2015

Presenting the new flushed models

Skip the Junction Box

As of April 2015 we present the unique flushed solar panels with a completely flat top.

Available in models from 18watt up to 50watt


The secret is a Swedish produced high quality cable. The thickness is merely 1.95mm, still it is a low loss cable with 2×1,6mm2 cores. Pretinned copper ensures low loss year after year even in a harsh marine environment.

March 2015

Bekijk SUNBEAMsystem producten op de HISWA 2015

Vanaf 11 t/m 15 maart staan de producten van SUNBEAMsystem op de HISWA beurs in de Amsterdam RAI. U vindt onze producten op de stand van Vrolijk Watersport (#07.209) en op de stand van Mariner Yachts (#01.222).


March 2015

Trintella4Green presenteert op de HISWA

Donderdag 12 maart van 17:15-18:00 zal Trintella4Green, het sponsorproject van onze Nederlandse importeur, een presentatie geven in het Zeiltheater van de HISWA. Nieuwsgierig? Lees hier meer informatie over het project of bekijk hun nieuwe documentaire op de beurs!

Feb 2015

Sehen SUNBEAMsystem auf BOATFIT Bremen

Sehen SUNBEAMsystem auf  BOATFIT Bremen vom 27.02.2015-01.03.2015


Feb 2015

Launching SUNBEAMsystem 50W LOXX quck fastening panel

On the Stockholm Boat Fair our latest modell SUNBEAMsystem 50W  LOXX is displayed.

The LOXX model can easily be attached on canvas or any material by choice.


Feb 2015

Besök SUNBEAMsystem på båtmässan Allt för Sjön i Stockholm

Vi finns i montrar Båtaccenten C13:21, Benns C08:21 och C08:31   Välkommen!


Feb 2015

Swedish news magazines write about our Solar charger for tablets

Läs dagens Båtliv och Praktiskt båtägande

Feb 2015

Arcona 380Z -bästa båt på Helsingfors Vene 15 båt – “Tack vare dolda solpaneler från SunbeamSystem och elmotor från Oceanvolt

Arcona 380Z valdes till bästa segelbåt på Helsingfors Vene 15 – Juryns motivering tack vare sin avancerade teknologi med ”dolda” solpaneler från SUNBEAMsystem och elmotor från finska Oceanvolt. Enligt juryn tar detta koncept segelbåtarna vidare till en ny dimension.

Arcona 380Z won ‘Boat of the year 2015’ at The Helsinki fair Vene 15 – The jury motivation follows. Thanks to its advanced technology with “hidden” solarpanels from SUNBEAMsystem and electrical engine from Finnish Oceanvolt. According to the jury this concept takes sailing yachts to a new dimension.


Feb 2015

Solcellepanel i

Nå er det lansert en mappe(solcellepanal) som kan lade to mobiltelefoner på en gang

Read about our new powerfull but small USB solarpanel in

Feb 2015

Boot Holland ’15

In stand 2055 kunt u informatie krijgen over onze producten en gedurende de hele beurs (6 t/m 11 februari) kunt u hier enkele demo-modellen bezichtigen.

Sail&Solar zal van 6 t/m 8 februari vertegenwoordigd zijn als ondersteuning van Jachtstalling Groningen op Boot Holland in Leeuwarden

Feb 2015

SUNBEAMsystem Aero model on Arcona 380Z

Visit Arcona 380Z with SUNBEAMsystem solar panels on Vene boat show 2015  Helsinki February 6 to 15th

Uutuusvene Arcona 380Zero emission ensiesittelyssä kanssaa SUNBEAMsystem, Vene 2015 Båt messuilla Helsingissä 6-15.2.

Besök Arcona 380Z med SUNBEAMsystem solpaneler på Vene båt 2015 – Helsingfors 6e till 15e Februari

Equiped with the the SUNBEAMsystem aero model. Arcona 380Z (zero emission) will be covered by solarpanels in a very stylish manner. The mast and bom will be covered by SUNBEAMsystem aero which is merely 1.5mm thick and extremely lightweight. On the hull you can find SUNBEAMsystem “stripes”.

Feb 2015

SUNBEAMsystem på Båtmässan i Göteborg

Besök oss gärna på båtmässan i Göteborg /Visit us at the Boat Fair in Gothenburg

Vi finns i monter G09:02 hos Viking Yachting.


lördag – söndag 31 jan – 1 feb 10.00-18.00 måndag- torsdag 2 feb – 5 feb 12.00-20.00 fredag – söndag 6 feb – 8 feb 10.00-18.00

Aug 2014

SUNBEAMsystem – Stockholm floating Boat Fair in Gustavsberg

Vi finns på båtmässan i Gustavsberg mellan den 29e och 31 Augusti

June 2014

Swedish article about the environmental friendly Food truck in Stockholm.  100% power from 16 pieces 100watt SUNBEAMsystem solarpanels

more info on

May 2014

Burger Boat – Artikel i Allt om Stockholm

Article and interview with the founders in Swedish Allt om Stockholm.

Läs om Burger Boat som drivs med SUNBEAMsystem solpaneler i Allt om Stockholm