Tough – With Double UV-protection

Tough solar panels.

Tough solar panel – With extreme durability

Unrivalled Double UV-protection

SUNBEAMsystems bespoken and unique solar panels – now even more endurable

Tough is the new revolutionizing surface that features

  • Double UV-protection for a longer life span
  • Higher light transmittance than pure glass
  • Non-skid surface
  • Better scratch resistance
  • Dirt repellent

SUNBEAMsystem Tough Surface is available in different flavors. With no junction box the Flush model is the preferred choice for deck fitting. For canvas the Tough surface is available on SUNBEAMsystem Tough LOXX. For general usage the standard model with Tough surface features a minimal junction box with low loss cables ending in waterproof MC4 connectors.

5 years workmanship warranty is standard on all Tough surface models.

T18fl T18f T30f T50
 SUNBEAMsystem 70W Tough Flush T70f    
T50f T70f T100f T100
Article# Pmax Voc Isc Vmp Imp Weight Size (mm)
T18f /T18fl 18W 23.7V 0.99A 19.4V 0.92A 0.3 kg 434 x 277 / 147 x 850
T30f 30W 21.2V 1.83A 17.6V 1.70A 0.6 kg 378 x 535
T50/ T50f/ T50fblack 50W 21.2V 3.05A 17.6V 2.84A 0.9 kg 555 x 535 / 545 x 535
T70f/ T70fblack 70W 22.1V 4.26A 17.6V 3.98A 1.6 kg 778 x 535
T100 /T100f 100W 21.6V 5.97A 17.8V 5.62A 1.8 kg 1060 x 540

The Tough surface will make the panel somewhat stiffer than the standard version. We recommend half the normal bending for all Tough models.

When choosing a model with MC4 connectors (Not Flush) – Ad MC4-connectors and cables for a complete connection to the regulator. When connecting two panels in parallel use MC4 T-connectors.