Unmatched Size and Weight

Standard Flexible Solar Panel – With Junction Box

With the core of SUNBEAMsystem advantages.

SUNBEAMsystem flexible standard will do the job ahead of the competitors.

With measurments smaller than the competitors!

  • Flexible 60o/m
  • 3mm Thin
  • Light Weight
  • Impact resistant

Equipped with a minimal junction box as well as with 2.5mm2 pre tinned cable and IP67 classed MC4 connectors.

 SP18f SP30f SP50f  SP50  SP100
Article# Pmax Voc Isc Vmp Imp Weight Size (mm)
SP18f 18W 23.7V 0.99A 19.4V 0.92A 0.3 kg 434 x 277
SP30f 30W 21.2V 1.83A 17.6V 1.70A 0.6 kg 378 x 535
SP50/SP50f 50W 21.2V 3.05A 17.6V 2.84A 0.9 kg 555 x 535/ 545 x 535
SP100 100W 21.6V 5.97A 17.6V 5.62A 1.8 kg 1060 x 540

For fitting use the stainless steel grommets or preferably use a flexible glue like Sikaflex-291. Some glue along the outer edge is usually sufficient for a permanent bond.